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KOVE Products

Kove Bearing is committing to R&D and producing ceramic bearings, special engineering plastic bearing, stainless steel bearing, bearing steel bearing.

  • KOVE-Full ceramic bearing

  • KOVE-Industrial plastic bearing

  • KOVE-Conductive/antistatic roller, gear, universal ball

  • KOVE-Stainless steel 440/S304/S316L bearings, hybrid ceramic ball bearings

  • KOVE-Ceramic ball

  • KOVE-Ceramic structure

  • Welcome to KOVE bearing

    Founded in 2005, Haining Kove Bearing Technology Co., Ltd has a long history of R&D, production and application of bearings and structural parts dedicated to special conditions as an expert. Its product lines cover both standard and nonstandard products that are made of such materials as engineering plastics, ceramics, stainless steels and ball bearing steel. Thanks to the excellent characteristics of oil-free self-lubrication, resistance to corrosion, rusting, acid, alkali and salt, gas pickling and high/low temperature as well as non-magnetic electric insulation, engineering plastics and ceramics produces are wildly used in petroleum, chemical engineering, electronic engineering, cottonocracy, food, medical treatment, navigation, aerospace and other fields.

    Valuing R&D investment and bearing fruits in technological breakthroughs, our company has successfully applied for 28 national patents and grown into a high-tech-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province, thus boasting sound foundation for better status in the industry in terms of its products and technologies.